We had a fantastic experience organizing an educational activity centered around digital citizenship within the framework of the Erasmus+ ACDC (Active Citizens Digital Citizens) project, in which Fraud Line is participating. The aim was to empower young people and those working with them with the necessary skills to navigate the real and digital worlds responsibly and safely. In collaboration with the exceptional physical education professor Alexandros Lazaridis, we organized an educational program focusing on privacy, cyber-security, and fake news for 24 students from the 3rd Gymnasium, 4 teachers, and 4 youth workers at the 1st General Lyceum Renti "Alexandros Papadiamantis" in Greece.

The Importance of Digital Citizenship: Detecting and combating fake news is a crucial skill. False information can deceive and manipulate people, often with the intention of promoting specific agendas, financial interests, or ideologies. They can spread rapidly and easily through social media platforms and other channels, affecting us all. Strengthening critical thinking, media literacy, and fact-checking is an effective approach to combat the spread of fake news and promote responsible behavior online.

Educational Program Highlights: We encouraged young people to question their sources of information and search for evidence before accepting them as true. We also urged them to recognize signs of fake news, such as sensational headlines, emotional language, and a lack of reliable sources.

Providing Resources: Each participating student and educator received the exceptional comic book "GDPR and the 40 Thieves" by Dimitris Grammenos and Anthi Strataki (we also left a few copies in the library) sponsored by the ACDC program and Fraud Line.

Get Involved: Contact us if you would like to organize a similar educational program in your school or if you would like to receive the handbook of educational activities. It is crucial to convey to young people the importance of critical thinking to protect themselves from the dangers of both the digital and physical worlds. Expanding the program to other schools will help create a generation of more informed and responsible citizens.

Through the ACDC project, we had the privilege of organizing an educational initiative that focused on digital citizenship, privacy, cyber-security, and fake news. By empowering young people and those working with them, we aim to equip them with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape responsibly and safely. Together, we can foster a generation of active and responsible digital citizens who contribute positively to society.


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