On December 7, 2022, the report of the actions of the National Platform for Sports Integrity (E.P.A.TH.A.) for 2022 was presented, along with its targets for even more 'tools' and initiatives for 2023, as well as the pivotal role of the sports movement in the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions. This presentation took place at an event organized at OAKA by the Deputy Ministry of Sports, with the participation of significant figures in the sports field and representatives of organizations involved in this substantial effort.

The results of EPATHLA's digital tools and the whistleblowing platform developed under the program 'Play Fairly' were presented. Special mention was made of the educational activities already carried out by EPATHLA's Education and Awareness Team in national teams, clubs, and academies, which will continue with the goal of informing athletes about the phenomena of competition manipulation, its consequences, ways to address it, and reporting channels (the 'Play Fairly' reporting platform).

Particular emphasis was given to the information aspect as crucial in preventing manipulated competitions. The implementation of educational programs and distance learning (e-learning) is already underway, with the creation of a specialized educational platform. Athanasios Strigas, the coordinator of the EPATHLA Education and Awareness Working Group, spoke about this. On the digital tools for education in sports integrity, Vasilis Stamatopoulos, the scientific director of 'Play Fairly', also commented, presenting the educational program of 'Play Fairly


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